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Diss, Norfolk, England
Hodmedod works with British farmers to offer a range of pulses and grains, with a commitment to providing quality food that's as sustainably produced as possible. All our pulses and grains are British-grown...
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Kettle Foods
Norwich, United Kingdom
The number one hand cooked crisp brand in the UK. The chips are made with top quality potatoes, sunflower oil ..
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Natty's Welsh Rarebit & Nattys Limited
Llandyrnog, United Kingdom
Natty's Welsh Rarebit is a delicious freshly made Welsh Rarebit product using a recipe passed down through the generations..
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Tropical Wholefoods
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, England
Tropical Wholefoods are importers, manufacturers and distributors of fair trade dried fruits and healthfood bars and snacks. They work with farmers in Africa and Asia helping develop their businesses...
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