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Bacheldre Watermill
Montgomery, Powys, Wales
Producer of stoneground strong organic and conventional flours suitable for making bread and other products. Retail and mail order available...
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Doves Farm Foods Ltd
Hungerford, Berkshire, England
One of Europe's largest producers of organic and speciality flour and grain products for industrial and domestic markets. Many years expertise with cereal based foods has enabled the company to develop products in a range of food categories including bulk and home baking flour, breakfast cereals...
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Little Salkeld Watermill
Penrith, Cumbria, England
Working traditional watermill producing organic and biodynamic stoneground flours. The Mill shop sells a wide range of organic food, including pulses, pasta, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, juices, teas, coffee...
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W & H Marriage & Sons Ltd
Chelmsford, Essex, England
Marriage's has been producing superior quality flour since 1824. As long established family run flour millers, we want your baking experience to be a success...
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