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Artisan Food Law
Bradshaw, West Yorkshire, England
Providing artisan and small scale food producers with easy access to important law and practical help solving problems. Free legal information – to help inform you about food law...
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LEAF Marque
Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
The LEAF Marque is about Linking Environment and Farming. It gives you the choice to buy affordable food produced by farmers who are committed to improving the environment for the benefit of wildlife and the countryside...
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National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association (FARMA)
Alconbury Weston, United Kingdom
FARMA supports and promotes the full spectrum of direct selling activities (farmers' markets, farm shops, Pick-Your-Own...
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The Real Bread Campaign
Hackney, London, England
Part of the food and farming charity Sustain, the Real Bread Campaign brings together everyone who cares about the state of the nation’s loaf life. The Campaign’s simple definition of Real Bread is: made without the use of any undeclared processing aids or other artificial additives...
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Wholesome Food Association
Hartland, Devon, United Kingdom
A campaigning organisation, promoting smaller-scale, sustainable food production. It provides a low-cost labelling scheme...
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