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Behind the Thread
Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America
Behind The Thread is a podcast that covers current events in the global garment industry. We tell the untold stories of the people and places that make your clothes...
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Gateshead, United Kingdom
An online women's magazine with an ethical twist. It's an upbeat mix of fashion, beauty, interviews, make&dos, blogs and giveaways...
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EcoChic Collection
Hove, United Kingdom
EcoChic collection is an ethical fashion and style site combining the EcoChic boutique ethical jewellery collection, EcoChic magazine...
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Toronto, Canada
A daily eco-fashion/eco-style blog featuring gorgeous products that are fair trade, recycled, reusable, sustainable, organic, and/or vegan. Where ethics meet aesthetics...
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Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog
Chippenham, United Kingdom
A personal style blog with a strong focus on ethical fashion...
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Wiltshire, England
A search engine for UK ethical fashion and sustainable style including fair trade, organic, recycled, vegan and vintage. Style is features 1,000's of clothes, shoes and accessories from over 100 brands all
under one easily searchable virtual roof...
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Sustainable Cotton Project
Winters, California, United States of America
US site dedicated to all the farmers, manufacturers, activists, retailers and others who are devoting their energies to making organic cotton a viable agricultural and economic alternative...
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True Icon
Brighton, East Sussex, England
True Icon's conception was in 2012, out of growing frustrations with the fashion and clothing industry. True Icon's purpose is to make a dent on the fashion industry, no matter how small...
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