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Acorn Timber Engineering Ltd
Doncaster, United Kingdom
Here at Acorn Timber Engineering we are connoisseurs in the design, manufacture and supply of roof trusses...
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EcoDecking Roofing Systems
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Introducing a new 100% recycled roofing slate to the UK market which is set to revolutionise the entire roofing industry...
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Optigreen Ltd
New Barnet, Hertfordshire, England
As one of the leading companies in the green roof industry, Optigreen combines over 40 years of experience with continuous innovation to meet the changing demands of the market...
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Organic Roofs Ltd
Hove, East Sussex, England
Join a growing movement of enlightened homeowners and built environment professionals across the UK and worldwide by reducing the impact of your property with a green roof...
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Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd
Doncaster, United Kingdom
Innovative, intelligent product design has meant that Sandtoft products can significantly reduce the embodied energy attributed to construction projects when compared with alternatives...
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Vector Foiltec
London, United Kingdom
Vector Foiltec invented the use of Texlon ETFE climatic envelope over twenty five years ago, and have successfully developed and promoted the use of this innovative technology worldwide...
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Wild About Roofs
Hounslow, London, England
Wild About Roofs specialises in high performance roofing solutions to provide green infrastructure in rural and urban areas. We specialise in providing a full service including waterproofing, green roofing...
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