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A and S Woodland Management
Culmstock, Devon, England
Simon Steer & Alex Yates own and manage ancient woodlands on the Blackdown Hills, situated in an AONB on the Devon and Somerset border. As a by-product of the natural regeneration of these woodlands...
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Blackbark Woodland Management
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England
Blackbark is a woodland management cooperative based in West Yorkshire. We work with local woodlands to bring them back into active management and produce firewood, sawn timber, charcoal, coppice products and much more...
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East Anglian Woodfuel Heating
East Dereham, Norfolk, England
Suppliers of top grade hardwood and softwood firewoood fuelwood chip and kindling. New and used wood burning stove wood boilers and woodchip boilers supplied and installed...
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Greater Manchester TreeStation Ltd
Manchester, Greater Manchester, England
The TreeStation is a social enterprise supplying arboricultural and woodland management services in Greater Manchester, and using the timber arising to make carbon lean wood fuels...
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Lincolnshire Tree Services
Market Rasen, United Kingdom
Sells and delivers seasoned hard wood logs, a by-product of our ethical tree surgery work in the Lincolnshire Wolds. We recycle everything as logs, woodchip...
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Newquay, United Kingdom
The Logmaker will recycle your newspapers and household waste and quickly and easily turn it into free fuel for your open fire...
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Manor Farm WoodChip BioFuel
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Wood Chip for fuelling medium/large scale energy/heating projects. We have large quantities more suitable for medium to large end user applications, such as community heating projects, CHP plants, school...
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Tilhill Forestry

Laurelhill, Stirling, Scotland
Tilhill is one of the UK's largest forestry businesses. It has a specialist investment team who can advise on making an investment in forestry. Tax breaks (particularly in relation to IHT) and grants mean forestry investments can be both environmentally and financially sound...
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Tregothnan Charcoal
Truro, Cornwall, England
From the ancient Mereworth Woodland in Kent, our sustainable British firewood and charcoal is produced solely from FSC 100 per cent certified wood; protecting indigenous plant and wildlife species and encouraging biodiversity...
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Verdo Renewables
Andover, Hampshire, England
Verdo Renewables are a premium manufacturer and supply of eco-friendly wood pellets and briquettes. They are an established market leader and have built a large and trusted customer base over the years...
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