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London, United Kingdom
AirportWatch is an umbrella organisation uniting opposition to unsustainable airport and aviation expansion in theUK. It opposes increases in flights or in airport capacity that are likely to damage the human or natural environment...
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atmosfair gGmbH
Berlin, Germany
A non-profit organisation for climate protection in the field of the air traffic. Air passengers can voluntarily contribute for the greenhouse gas emissions caused by their flights...
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Aviation Environment Federation
City, London, England
The Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) is the principal UK non-profit making environmental association concerned with the environmental effects of aviation...
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Aviation Environment Trust
City of London, London, England
Researches the problems relating to the environmental damage caused by the aviation industry and advises interested bodies accordingly...
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Twickenham, United Kingdom
HACAN, the campaign to cut aircraft noise, represents residents under the Heathrow flight paths...
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