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A Greener Festival
London, England
A not-for-profit website dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly good practices at music festivals and events. In 2006 the organisation launched a annual awards scheme for greener festivals and events that actively promote reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling, reuse, good traffic management, the protection of wildlife and the environment and water conservation which is now recognised across the UK, Europe, North America and Australia with 46 winners in 2011...
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Eco-Design Fair
London, England
A fair promoting sustainable design. Participants include British designer-makers, recyled designers, non-toxic natural products, fairly-traded goods, organic textiles...
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Green Futures Festivals
Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom
Organises green events showcasing renewably-powered stages with performers enjoying both the technology and the spirit of it. Organisers of Glastonbury Green Futures Field yearly...
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Greenbelt Festivals
London, United Kingdom
Greenbelt Festival creates spaces, like festivals, where art, faith and justice collide...
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London Green Fair
London, England
London's leading free green festival, - celebrating, educating and empowering for over 20 years...
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