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Automated Packaging Systems
Malvern, Worcestershire, England
Automated Packaging Systems manufacture genuine GeoTech material, the environmentally friendly plastic packaging, including reprocessed and oxodegradable void-fill and protective packaging...
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Cartridge Family, The
Blandford Forum, Dorset, England
Supplies and recycles inkjet and laser cartridges, fax film, ribbons and printing accessories. Gives cash back on empty cartridges and mobile phones...
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The Green Desk
Croydon, United Kingdom
The Green Desk is the UK's only social enterprise in environmental office supplies and services, providing a one stop shop for everything an office needs...
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Green Stationery Company
Bath, Somerset, England
Selects products that are environmentally benign or have environmental advantages over the standard stationery equivalents...
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Greensource Solutions
Bristol, England
Greensource Solutions produce the PrintEco toner cartridge range at our base in Bristol and sell a wide range of office supplies and stationery, IT equipment, printers and consumables, and much more all at great prices and with the best service and speedy delivery times...
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Paperback Ltd
London, England
Started selling recycled paper in 1983 with the aim to help the recycling loop by promoting greater use of recycled paper - and this is still their objective. Remains the only UK paper merchant specialising in recycled papers...
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Recycled Paper Supplies
Warwickshire, England
Suppliers of 100 per cent recycled papers and stationery...
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Wiles Greenworld
Perivale, Middlesex, England
Wiles Greenworld supplies offices in Central London with a full range of supplies and services such as: stationery, printing, confidential shredding, free of charge recycling, waste management...
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