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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
CarbonTel is the first green solutions provider to incorporate a sustainable telecommunications solutions in its product suite. An important first step for any business is monitoring their carbon
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Green Data Center - 42U
Colorado, United States of America
42U is a leading data center design & engineering firm committed to improving data center energy efficiency and providing free sustainability best practice advice for greener data centers...
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Multimedia Computer Systems (MicroPro) Ltd
Dublin, Ireland
MicroPro is a small company based in Dublin that has pioneered the development of green computers, to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions, waste and the risk of raw materials shortages...
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Office Convergence Ltd
Derrylin, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
The online store of the Xi3 energy saving PC. Just 20 watts of electricity to run, saving you energy and money. A stylish 11cm sq. aluminium computer available in a choice of colours and customisations...
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PrintGopher Ltd
London, England
We want to help you reduce your paper usage. We believe we can do that by giving you the information you need to see where all you printing is happening...
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