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Bindmans LLP
Camden, London, England
Bindmans LLP was founded in 1974 by a small group of solicitors specialising in civil liberties and the rights of the individual. These concerns have remained at the heart of the firm as it has grown to its present size...
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Celtic Knot Solicitors & Social Workers
Birmingham, West Midlands, England
A niche law practice operating at the interface of social work and law, providing legal advice, alternative dispute resolution and training on any aspect of social welfare, public and human rights law...
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Environmental Law Foundation (ELF)
London, United Kingdom
ELF is a national charity which links communities and individuals to environmental legal and technical advice in order to help prevent damage to, and enhance the quality of, the local environment...
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Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD)
Tower Hamlets, London, England
FIELD is a non-governmental organisation bringing together public international lawyers committed to the promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development through law...
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Rights & Justice Centre
Hackney, London, England
Friends of the Earth's legal team, the Rights & Justice Centre, runs a free advice line to help people with environmental law matters. Public authorities are constantly making decisions that affect local communities...
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