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Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom
We are a social change agency helping not-for-profit organisations to seek a more sustainable, fair and enlightened world...
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Charity Retail Association
Camden, London, England
1. Influence and monitor legislation and regulations that affect charity retailing. 2. Promote the benefits of charity retailing to the environment...
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The Funding Network
City of Westminster, London, England
The Funding Network holds regular events open to all where charities present, and donors engage in friendly philanthropy. At our events, you will hear directly from 4-6 charities, which have just six minutes each to tell you what they could do with £5,000...
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Little Bee Community
Hackney, London, England
We are a multi-disciplinary social enterprise and consultancy. We work with the private sector and other social enterprises to identify new opportunities to generate revenue as well as adding social value to existing services in sustainable and impactful way...
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London Voluntary Services Council
Islington, London, England
London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) is the leading body providing support for the voluntary sector in London. A registered charity, LVSC has been servicing the voluntary sector for 100 years...
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Tower Hamlets, London, England
nfpSynergy is a research consultancy that aims to provide the ideas, insights and information to help non-profits thrive. We help charities track their profile and engagement levels amongst their key stakeholder groups through regular, syndicated surveys. We also work with charities on bespoke projects...
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Practical Action Consulting
Rugby, Warwickshire, England
Sharing over 40 years of international expertise, Practical Action Consulting provides independent and professional consulting in the use of technology for poverty reduction to governments, NGOs, aid agencies and the private sector...
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City of Westminster, London, England
Xperedon is a specialist IT company for the non-profit sector based in Geneva and London. Xperedon offers online fundraising tools and website solutions, including multi-currency donations processing across borders...
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