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Aquila Children’s Magazine
Eastbourne, Sussex - East, England
Aquila children’s magazine is an innovative publication, aimed at bright girls and boys aged 8-13 years. It takes a fresh perspective on many subjects, encouraging thoughtful and caring attitudes...
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Families Online
London, England
Families Online is the creation of a group of Families magazine editors, who are mostly mums in different local areas. So there's lots of good local information...
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Juno Magazine
Bristol, England
A parenting magazine with a natural approach to family life. JUNO is about parents sharing experiences, to help and inspire other parents through the challenges of family life...
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OKIDO - The Arts and Science Magazine for Kids
Southwark, London, England
OKIDO is a science and art magazine for children aged 2 and above. A fun magazine for grown-ups and children to enjoy together, it is beautifully illustrated by contemporary artists, illustrators and designers...
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The Green Parent
Lewes, Sussex - East, England
A vibrant green lifestyle magazine covering all aspects of family life from bumps to birth and beyond, alternative education, nutrition, holistic health, eco house and garden...
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