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Bow Arts Trust
Tower Hamlets, London, England
Bow Arts is an arts education charity that provides affordable creative workspaces for over 400 emerging artists. Alongside this, Bow Arts manages one of the country's most exciting and award-winning education programmes, which takes world-class artists into 70 schools to improve the lives and learning of children and young people...
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Crafty Fox Pop Up Market
Lambeth, London, England
The Crafty Fox Market is a curated art and design event which provides an opportunity for emerging designer makers to sell their wares. It currently takes place seasonally at a variety of venues in London...
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Green Lens Studios
Haringey, London, England
Green Lens Studios is a sustainable photographic studio and art gallery space. Our premises in north London are specifically designed, refurbished and operated to minimise our environmental impact and we specialise in working with ethical business clients...
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Look Again
Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
We are passionate about working with people to LOOK AGAIN and SEE their life, work and world differently. We use photography as a tool to bring about positive change - for personal, business and community development...
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The ONCA Gallery
Brighton, East Sussex, England
We are unique in the UK, organising and hosting exhibitions, workshops and performances that ask questions, tell stories and initiate conversations about environmental change, whilst supporting and raising awareness for frontline conservation projects...
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The Papered Parlour
Lambeth, London, England
Enter through a small green door off an alley in the heart of Clapham Common and step into The Papered Parlour - a creative paradise packed to the rafters with nimble fingered artists from a diverse range of design fields...
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Rowan Arts
Islington, London, England
Rowan Arts is an arts charity and was established in 2003. Our aim at Rowan arts is to use culture to create more connected communities at the level of the neighbourhood, borough and city...
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St. Margaret's House
Tower Hamlets, London, England
There’s always something interesting to see or do at St. Margaret’s House. We host a wide variety of events throughout the year, including regular art exhibitions, film screenings, music gigs, spoken word nights, and comedy performances as well as special one-off festivals...
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