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Continental Drifts
Haringey, London, England
Organisation representing an exciting range of circus, cabaret, nightclub and walkabout performers and musical arts. The group is widely involved with fringe events and the festival scene...
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A Greener Festival
London, England
A not-for-profit website dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly good practices at music festivals and events. In 2006 the organisation launched an annual awards scheme for greener festivals and events that actively promote reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling, reuse, good traffic management, the protection of wildlife and the environment and water conservation which is now recognised across the UK, Europe, North America and Australia with 46 winners in 2011...
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Electric Pedals
Southwark, London, England
Electric Pedals uses the energy from people cycling to generate electricity for events & permanent installations ranging from outdoor cinemas, educational workshops, music stages, outdoor classrooms in schools, phone-charging at festivals and many more...
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More Bins
Dorchester, Dorset, England
A waste management, consultancy and recycling business providing sustainable solutions and carbon zero products. More-bins reclaims, customises, refurbishes and reuses many materials destined for landfill ...
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