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Despite the relentless march of technology, we still seem to like hanging beautiful and traditionally printed pictures on walls that bring something new and different into our homes and offices each month. So it's no surprise that every year there are hundreds of new calendars published - many combining stunning photography with an eco or conservation theme.

We've selected just a few which caught our eye - but take a look at the listings in our directory chapter on campaigning organisations for many more ideas. Many of the organisations listed publish a calendar every year.

We've also added the diaries from We Are What We Do - the not-for-profit behaviour change company that creates ways for millions of people to do more small, good things - and E4Environment, who have published an environment professionals' diary for several years.

1. Rebuilding Sri Lanka

Rebuilding Sri Lanka was established as a UK charity by a group of survivors in the wake of the tsunami disaster in 2004. The initial phase of the charity’s work focused on emergency relief; housing, sanitation, livelihood, medical and getting the children back to school.

Since then, RSL has built over 300 transitional homes; installed clean water supplies and built toilets in 60 different locations; funded a special needs school; restored the livelihoods of over 1,000 families; established a children’s resource centre; built a village and two schools (the Hansa Pre-School and Batukanaththa Primary); and built an award-winning international standard library, five smaller libraries and an English language Centre.

Price: £10 each (plus £2.50 P&P). 100% of proceeds go directly to RSL
Available: To order, or donate, contact Clare on

Price: £9.99 puls £4.99 P&P
Available: from Sussex Wildlife Trust -

2. A Window on Wildlife

This superb 2013 calendar includes twelve stunning wildlife images, captured by the finalists in the Sussex Wildlife Trust's Window on Wildlife photography competition.

This engaging photograph of a herring gull with her chick standing on a skylight by Clive Gravett from Shoreham-by-Sea was voted by the public as the overall winner of the competition. Clive's photo appears as July’s calendar image

3. Surfers Against Sewage

SAS's annual calendar is made from recycled card and paper. Stunning imagery combines with a clear message about making our seas and beaches cleaner and healthier.

SAS campaigns for clean, safe, recreational waters, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals and nuclear waste. Using a solution-based argument consisting of viable and sustainable alternatives, SAS highlights the inherent flaws in current practices, attitudes and legislation, challenging industry, legislators and politicians to end their pump and dump policies.

SAS also sells a range of cool, eco clothing and accessories - some of which is also highlighted in this year's Christmas Guide.

Price: £15
Available: from Surfers Again Sewage -

4. Greenpeace

With images from Brandon Cole, Cyril Ruoso, Art Wolfe, and other top nature photographers, the Greenpeace 2013 calendar captures the beauty and fragility of the natural world that’s so essential to preserve.

Every month, come face-to-face with what is at stake—the animals, the landscapes, the priceless treasures of planet Earth.

Price: £11.99 with all the royalties going to support the work of Greenpeace

5. Bite-Back

The 2013 fundraising calendar from Bite-Back, the UK shark and marine conservation charity, features images and text from 12 of the world’s very best underwater photographers.

The result is a unique and stunning collection of underwater images from around the world including sharks, dolphins, cuttlefish, sperm whale and manta ray.

Profits from the calendar will help fund Bite-Back’s innovative and successful campaigns to end the sale of shark fin soup in Britain and put pressure on supermarkets to choose conservation over commerce regarding the fish they sell.

Price: £7.99 plus p&p
Available: from Bite-Back at

High profile Bite-Back supporter, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, says: "For a small charity on a shoestring budget Bite-Back has achieved some remarkable results. I’m a fan of its bold and intelligent campaigns that put pressure on big businesses to choose conservation over commerce and I like the fact that its message is reaching an audience who otherwise wouldn’t think twice about the fish they eat. If you’re alarmed by over-fishing and you care about the marine environment, give Bite-Back your support."

6. We Are What We Do

We Are What We Do make stuff that people want to buy or use and which have positive behaviours built in, aiming to reach massive audiences and help address major social and environmental issues.

These funky diaries are a great way to kick-start a change in habit and make a super gift. They run from January to December 2013 with a week to view. Each week includes a page for notes and an Action allocated to it.

Price: £6 each
Available: from We Are What We Do at

7. There is no Planet B

In this calendar from the Stitch Project, images from photographers, designers and artists highlight how unique and special our planet is: work was submitted under the title “There is No Planet B.”

The calendars are printed on 100% recycled paper. They have space to write all your important dates and holidays as well as handy green information for each month.

Stitch is a not-for-profit organisation that raises environmental awareness through the arts. It does this by hosting events that use art to inspire and engage people with environmental issues.

Price: £12
Available: from Stitch at

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