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1. Smallholder Training

At South Yeo Farm East Ian and Gillian Dixon have developed a number of affordable practical one-day training courses for smallholders covering a range of smallholding related topics from keeping your first birds or livestock to managing the land.

Starting out on your smallholding dream can be daunting so why not gift a fun and relaxed day where the recipient can gain confidence and insight before launching into keeping their first livestock or digging a pond.

Courses have been run at the farm since 2006. All courses involve a mix of both practical hands on and classroom sessions in a newly restored cob barn training facility.

Numbers are limited to 10 places to allow lots of space and opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Available: from South Yeo Farm East at

Price: Gift vouchers are available for all Food Safari events, which start at £80 per person for a half day or £160 for a full day.
Available: from

2. Food Safari

For the foodie who has every kitchen gadget they could possibly need, Food Safari's programme of cookery courses, butchery workshops, fish and seafood days and wild food forays make an unusual and memorable Christmas gift.

Popular Food Safari courses include game butchery and cookery, wild food foraging and cooking, bread making courses for beginners and more advanced bakers, seafood days catching lobsters and learning about oysters and smoked fish, and a nose-to-tail pork day of butchery, curing and preserving and cookery.

3. Low Impact Living

Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to help people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way, have fun and save money.

Lili offers a huge range of courses and is busy setting up a network of specialists offering teaching all over the UK. Gift vouchers are available online to put towards the training.

Price: gift vouchers start at £10
Available: from Lili at

Classes can be purchased online and make great gifts for people looking to learn new skills.

Price: Single classes are around £20, courses run from about £120.
Available: from

4. Be Amazed

The Amazings was born out of a single, simple idea. Society has always learned from its elders. But somewhere along the way we have lost that connection between generations - which means losing rich, valuable, and rare skills.

The project allows the over 50s to sell their skills as a class or workshop, passing on vital knowledge to younger generations. Over 120 classes are offered in everything from art, writing, gardening, journalism, beauty, textile crafts, knitting, philosophy, history, chess, music... the list goes on.

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