Green Guide for London 2018 Progress Update

Publication progress update:

The seventh edition of the Green Guide for London will be published in March 2018. At 784 pages, it will be the largest Green Guide yet, printed in full colour throughout. The Guide will also be published as an e-book, an app and online.

The book will be published in softback (£16.99 +P&P) and hardback (£25.00 +P&P)

The very first Green Guide appeared as an A5 printed directory for West London in 1994.

Since then a total of 22 editions of the Green Guide have been published. These include five further editions for London (see below) and editions for Scotland, Wales, the Midlands, Manchester, the North West, Bristol & Bath, and Christmas, as well as Pocket Green Guides for England, Scotland & Wales and two eco travel guides.

We are working on a totally new edition for London - to be published online, as an app, as an e-book and as a printed directory.

We have already gathered 4,500 listings for organisations based in London and identified a further 1100 to research.

Additionally, we have collected over 5,500 listings for organisations based outside London but which offer services to Londoners.

We expect this number to grow as we continue to research the Green Guide and the Green Guide for London.

We will also cover Events, Jobs & Volunteering opportunities, as well as news, reviews, opinion and reports for London.

Previous London Editions & publication date
These books are no longer available.

  1. The Green Guide for West London - 1994
  2. The Green Guide for West London - 1996
  3. The Green Guide for London - 1997
  4. The Green Guide for London - 1998
  5. The Green Guide for London - 2000
  6. The Green Guide for London - 2002

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