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The Green Guide is much more than a consumer or business directory. Over nearly 20 years we have collected an ever-widening range of listings covering the whole gamut of green and sustainable living and thinking. You'll find entries for academic research, product development, consultants, politics and campaigning as well as a huge range of shopping and purchasing choices, including how to spend your leisure time and where to go on holiday.

Our aim is to create a rich and immersive experience when using the Green Guide, showing readers just how far green thinking and sustainable choices have developed, and revealing the real depth of choice available.

When this Directory is complete, you will be able to browse more than 15,000 entries.

Improved Listings...
As part of our ongoing improvements to the Green Guide Directory (which continue throughout 2013 and into 2014), we have made several changes to the listings:

Building the Directory...
Please note that at the end of October 2011 we started to add new listings to this Directory as well as transferring existing listings from the old databases which are no longer available online.

It's going to be a four-year project to get all our research online, so please bear with us as we rebuild the Green Guide Directory into the UK's most comprehensive source of eco, ethical and sustainable information.

New listings submitted via the Add a Listing form should appear online within 7-14 days of submission.

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Enhanced Listings

Natural Friends

United Kingdom
Natural Friends was created in 1985 as the UK's first 'green' dating and friendship service. Since then we have helped thousands of singles to find love, friendship and happiness...
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Please mention the Green Guide when responding to Listings.