Free Print Copies

Free print copies (subject to availability) of the Pocket Green Guides for England, Scotland and Wales are provided to schools, community groups, NGOs, local councils, charities and other voluntary groups on request.

We are currently out of stock of the Pocket Green Guides. We hope, finances permitting, to produce new editions during 2014-5 and to make these available to the groups mentioned above. Watch this space or email us at for more info.

The minimum quantity is normally 1 box (140-170 copies) and the maximum usually 3 boxes (420-510 copies). To request copies, please email

If an organisation can afford it, we ask for a contribution to the cost of delivery of free copies. However, we don't insist upon it.

Except in exceptional circumstances agreed in advance with the publishers, free issue copies cannot be sold or used for profit-making purposes. They are to be distributed for free.

Larger Quantities for Purchase
Larger quantities can also be purchased at substantial discounts, plus a delivery and a handling fee. Please enquire for further details.

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