State of the Environment Report for Wales published

Progress is being made in improving the environment in Wales, show new statistics published on Thursday 21st July 2011.

The latest figures show that of the 100 indicators that have been defined and where information exists, 47 per cent show an improvement. Only five indicators show a decline. The report shows improvements in many areas across Wales including recycling, bathing water quality and fly tipping.

Environment and Sustainable Development Minister John Griffiths said he welcomed the latest statistics which provide the Welsh Government with an overview of progress against its Environment Strategy.

Mr Griffiths said: “It is important that we have regular updates on the state of Wales’ environment so we can monitor our progress, review policy where necessary and focus on areas of need.

“I recognise that we face significant challenges to meet our goals for the environment. However our proposals on waste, sustainable development and managing the natural environment will enable us to fulfil our vision for an environment that is clean, healthy, biologically diverse and valued by the people of Wales. “

The full set of data, analysis, and notes on all of the indicators are available through the StatsWales website, presented in a series of online reports linked to tables of information which the user can manipulate or download.

In total there are 100 State of the Environment Indicators.

    • 33 indicators show an improvement.
    • 32 indicators are stable or show no clear trend.
    • 5 indicators show a decline.
    • 12 indicators are under development and 18 indicators have no data beyond the baseline.
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