Sustainable Restaurant Association member, Carluccio’s, converts waste cooking oil into biofuel

Carluccio’s aim is to save 92.7 tonnes of carbon through recycling its waste oil in the first twelve months

Convert2Green has concluded an agreement to work with Carluccio's, a chain of Italian restaurants, to collect and convert waste cooking oil into bio-diesel as part of the company’s wider sustainability strategy.

Convert2Green will collect waste oil from Carluccio’s 54 sites in the UK and recycle it into high quality biofuel which will be used to fuel delivery trucks.

“Carluccio’s is a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association so we take our recycling, waste management and carbon savings very seriously – recycling our waste cooking oil into bio-diesel with Convert2Green is a big part of our overall sustainability strategy,” explains Steve Kaddish, development manager at Carluccio’s.

“Waste oil collection is another way for us to take positive steps and by making changes to the way we behave as a business, we are aiming to improve both the social and environmental impact of our operations.

“Our aim in the first twelve months is to save 92.7 tonnes of carbon through recycling our waste oil – a big step in our overall aim to recycle in the region of 78% of all our waste.”

Andy Webb, director, Convert2Green said, “Restaurants produce thousands of litres of waste cooking oil per annum. By recycling with Convert2Green the used cooking oil will be refined into biofuel here in the UK for use in road transport and for the generation of renewable and sustainable energy, thereby saving even more carbon emissions.

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