Katherine Hamnett Designs T-Shirts for Sefridges' Project Ocean

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Arthur wearing Katharine Hamnett exclusive Project Ocean t-shirts

Project Ocean is spearheaded by Selfridges Creative Director Alannah Weston, working in partnership with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Selfridges is collaborating with campaigners to use its high-energy creative marketing approach to increase awareness, inspire changed consumer habits and raise funds. Running from 11 May–12 June, the project is both a celebration of the oceans and a forum for conservationists to issue an urgent public wake-up call to address issues of sustainability, overfishing and marine protection.

Driven by the unthinkable prospect of the world’s major fisheries collapsing by 2050, the London store has given itself over to leading international marine protection campaigners and 22 environmental NGOs, as well high profile activists from the worlds of art, fashion, culinary arts, and entertainment.

The project is designed to be visionary and solutions oriented but it unreservedly highlights the often-disturbing realities that threaten global marine life. To make the key themes more engaging to its 30,000 daily customers, Selfridges is injecting a high dose of style, fun and entertainment into the mix. From frogmen marching its hallowed aisles, to massive commissioned balloon installations by New York artist Jason Hackenwerth, to ‘No More Fish In The Sea?’ T-shirts by famed activist fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, there will be non-stop buzz to help convey the most pressing messages over the duration of Project Ocean.

Be a part of Project Ocean
You can experience and take part in Project Ocean via in-store activities, including a sea-themed fashion exhibition; the store windows (which includes an innovative and interactive text-to-window fundraising feature); films, music events & talks in the Ultralounge; and, of course, by shopping for sustainable fish in the food hall.

There is a digital version of the “Fish Guide” on a dedicated microsite at www.selfridges.com/projectocean. The Fish Guide is also available as a phone App.

As part of Project Ocean, Selfridges has eliminated all endangered fish stocks across all their restaurants and food halls.

Project Ocean on Twitter
or visit www.selfridges.com/projectocean

Katherine Hamnett on Twitter
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