hireagreencar.com launches with free carbon offsetting on worldwide car rental

Until now, when you wanted to hire a car, looking for the best clean and greener options has been a bit of a chore - you needed to search across individual car hire sites, checking models, credentials, availability and location. You might find what you wanted, but not always where you needed it.

But in response to a growing demand for greener hire cars, comparison website hireagreencar.com has launched, offering a worldwide reach, finding the greenest cars available, the lowest prices and the leanest fuel consumption.

The UK-based company searches across all the major companies including Hertz, Avis, Budget and Europcar. Results provide at-a-glance information about the green credentials of all the available vehicles, including carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

The company also provides free carbon offsetting with every car hired, arranged in partnership with ClimateCare.

"We are here for everyone who hires a car, whether they are committed environmentalists or families holidaying on a tight budget," says John Jansson, hireagreencar.com’s founder. "And whatever vehicle is best for your situation – even if your options are limited to a thirstier engine – we pay for carbon offsetting. So greenhouse gas emissions are countered and there is increased investment in low-carbon industry, at no cost to the customer whatsoever.’

Visit www.hireagreencar.com

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