Living Water Gathering



Roeburndale and River Roeburn, North Lancashire
Backsbottom Farm and Middle Wood Centre


Monday 30th July to Sunday 5th August 2012

Event Description

This gathering is to bring together a group of people who would like to help develop a combination of arts and science in order to understand water.

The science will be based on Gerald Pollock, Sepp Holzer, Victor Schauberger and Theodor Schwenk and their understanding of of such things as; vortices, changes in properties with temp, holding water in the landscape, deep spring water, crystal structure of water and exclusion zone. Rod Everett and all the particiants will bring their
expertise in understanding these properties of water and for example, how they alter our understanding of river flow, erosion, spring water and hydro power. Why water is important to humans and to the plants and animals of the world?

The arts will help a wider range of people to get a feel for how water works and why understanding its complex properties is essential to restore the natural water cycle.

Over the week we will develop and share ideas and educational material on water.

Lots of practical fun, some workshops and films. Some of the things that we might do are

  • making a model clay river to play with changing river shape and how it effects water flow,
  • building a flow form,
  • looking at water quality by looking at crystal structure,
  • playing with vortices and water movement,
  • looking at erosion patterns in the landscape,
  • creating music, sculptures, film, paintings, sound, puppet shows.

Hopefully the output from the week will help to engage people and agencies to take more positive action with water.

About the Organiser

See Roeburn Restoration project and Living Water Hydro in for more background to this event.

Please mention the Green Guide when responding to this event.

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