Wasting billions of sheets of paper every year

Advances in technology led to promises that we would soon be living in a paperless society, with stacks of paperwork and mountains of wasted print-outs a thing of the past.

However far from this, new research has today revealed that the average worker is still printing six thousand sheets a year, two thirds of which goes to waste, and half say they’ve either not reduced how much they print or they’re printing more.

Despite the fact 7 in 10 workers consider themselves environmentally conscientious, half say their printing levels have stayed the same or even increased in the last 12 months, costing small businesses in both wastage and recycling..

The Kyocera report comes during Small Business Advice Week, an online platform for business owners which is now in its eighth year, and Tracey Rawling-Church, a paper and energy saving expert from Kyocera is taking part in a webcast debate today, starting at 1pm. Here she’ll be looking at what employers can do to reduce the paper mountain and save money, as well as providing a number of other practical green tips and advice.

So were the promises of a paperless society worth the sheets they were printed on? Find out at 1pm.

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