Upp - a portable power source for connected devices based on innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology

The Upp fuel cell takes hydrogen and combines it with air to produce clean electricity with water vapour as a by-product

Intelligent Energy, the global power technology company, has launched Upp™, a hydrogen fuel cell personal energy device, to charge and power USB-compatible portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, feature phones, eReaders, tablets, portable gaming consoles, and digital cameras.

Upp provides instant energy on-the-go: so as long as you have fuel, you will have energy.

The Upp fuel cell takes hydrogen provided by the fuel cartridge and combines it with air to produce clean electricity with water vapour as a by-product. Users simply need to connect the fuel cell to a replaceable fuel cartridge to experience instant energy for their devices. In addition to the fuel cartridge being replaceable, the cartridges can be used multiple times.

Upp’s Intelligent Auto Shutoff feature conserves energy and protects battery life of the electronic device it is charging. In addition, the Upp mobile app, which is free for both iOS and Android devices, provides predictive usage statistics as well as user profile information to enable better management of fuel levels.

“Batteries need help: their capabilities haven’t kept pace with innovation in smart connected portable devices. Given that 75 percent of the global population relies on the mobile phone to stay connected, the more you want to do with your device, the more energy you need. Consumers need a reliable source of personal and portable energy, and Upp gives you that critical uptime when you really need it,” said Amar Samra, Managing Director of Consumer Electronics.

For more information, visit www.beupp.com

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