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Journey Solutions is a not-for-profit partnership of Britain's five leading bus and train operators, along with trade organisations ATOC, ALBUM and CPT. Our focus is improving integration between train and bus services, with emphasis on operators sharing best-practice in order to make real and practical improvements to passenger’s door-to-door journeys.

The Journey Solutions partnership is best known as the group behind the development, funding and on-going management of PLUSBUS ticketing. This is Britain’s only nation-wide integrated train to bus ticketing scheme - see

PLUSBUS is a National Rail ticket that is bought with train tickets from rail station ticket offices, by telephone and from most online rail ticket retailers (including: PLUSBUS gives the train traveller unlimited local bus travel around the whole urban area of the railserved town that's at the start and/or the end of their train journey.

In Britain, over half of all passengers travelling on the National Rail network start or finish their journey using another form of transport, in order to get to and from the railway stations they use. 13% of train travellers use the bus for their journey to the railway station.

Most railway station car parks are full by the end of the morning peak and there is growing concern about worsening traffic congestion around stations. In Britain cars produce 58% of all domestic transport greenhouse gas emissions (buses produce just 2.3% and trains 1.9%). Most train companies are therefore keen to see improved bus (and tram) services to and from their railway stations, so that train travellers find it easier, more convenient and better value-for-money to travel to and from the station by bus (or tram).

Making it easier and more convenient for train travellers to buy tickets for their entire door-to-door journey in one transaction (at a time to suit them) is a key factor in making public transport more attractive. Customers want to pay for their complete journey in one go and have confidence that they have got a good deal. PLUSBUS ticketing is an essential part of this package. Now that PLUSBUS day tickets can be bought online, we're getting closer to achieving our vision. Indeed 50% of PLUSBUS day tickets are now bought online. Britain is the only country in Europe where it is possible to buy, with your train ticket, a bus pass for travel to and from the railway stations that you use, wherever in the country you are going.


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