Theory & Thinking

Using Gameplay to Challenge our Understanding of Sustainable Fishing

Screenshot of gameplay from the ecoOcean overfishing simulation game

A new and innovative computer game has been developed that allows players to experience and explore the complexities of sustainable fishing. The game has been used as an interactive stakeholder communication measure by the EC-funded SOCIOEC project, an initiative that was dedicated to investigating the socio economic effects of fisheries management measures of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The game allows players to directly investigate the effects of different fisheries management measures on fishermen’s behaviour. Read more »

Walking and cycling should become the norm for short journeys

A plan for co-ordinated action to identify and address the barriers that may be discouraging people from walking and cycling more often or at all

More people should be encouraged to keep fit by incorporating walking and cycling into their everyday lives, in an attempt to tackle declining rates of physical activity in England, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) says. Read more »

Resource efficiency: New designs for a circular economy - competition announced

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is to invest up to £1.25m in feasibility studies into the re-design of products, components and systems to retain material within the economy over several cycles of use – ‘closing the loop’. The new designs should lead to products with a lower environmental impact and/or that are less dependent on the use of strategic materials. Read more »

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