Tech & Gadgets’s iPhone app makes sharing a ride easy

| Image 1 of 5 | has launched a new, improved version of its iPhone app, offering the flexibility to locate and organise carpools simply and reliably. Users can now organise their transport spontaneously and on-the-go. Read more »

World's loudest bicycle bell is noisier than Concorde

City cyclists who battle to get themselves noticed on the roads can now buy the ultimate deterrent against inattentive truck drivers: a bicycle equipped with a horn that is louder than Concorde.

At close quarters the Hornster bicycle emits 178 decibels; a level of sound so powerful that if used in anger it could deafen any motorist who veered too close. Read more »

A rugged, solar-powered radio that also charges your phone

Compact, rugged and showerproof

Whenever you're travelling, trekking, camping or glamping, consider packing one of these rugged Etón Raptor outdoor adventure radios. Read more »

The "Segway of unicycles" - Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Concept Device - debuts in Paris

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Honda's innovative U3-X, a unique personal mobility concept device, is making its debut in Europe within an exhibition entitled 'Getting Around', on show between April and August 2012 at the Museum of Architecture and Heritage (Cite De L'Architecture et du Patrimione), in Paris. Read more »

Trash app aims to clean up Britain

Probably the first app that gets your rubbish collected...

Britain’s largest on-demand rubbish clearance company, AnyJunk, has scored another first with the launch of an iPhone app which makes disposing of all sorts of trash as simple as a few taps on your Read more »

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