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European motorists are turning greener: one in three would spend more to buy an eco car

Ford Focus ECOnetic delivers 83.1 mpg

One in three Europeans would spend more to buy an environmentally friendly car even though 71 per cent say they have reduced overall spending as a result of the economic recession, a Ford-sponsored poll shows.

The survey also shows 53 per cent consider climate change to be the world’s biggest issue and 57 per cent would prefer to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Read more »

GE to purchase 2,000 Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrids

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The C-MAX Energi - Ford is launching six new electrified vehicles – a big bet that fuel prices will continue rising

Ford Motor Company has announced a collaboration with GE in the USA, in which the company will purchase 2,000 Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrids for its fleet – Ford’s largest-ever plug-in electrified vehicle fleet sale. Ford will also jointly market GE’s alternative fuel infrastructure solutions. Read more »

UK's largest EV trial shows electric cars are suitable for everyday use

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96% of trial participants said they would consider buying an electric car as a result of taking part

The results of the UK's most in-depth electric vehicle trial so far are in. They show that the everyday use of the electric MINI E used in the trial didn't differ radically from that of the non-electric conventional car control group.

The research will go some way to alleviate fears of "range anxiety" and shows that for typical daily use many electric models are comparable to petrol or diesel engine cars. Read more »

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