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If you’ve ever struggled to lift a slippery baby out of the bath, tiny towel clenched between your teeth, you’ll appreciate what a stressful juggling act it can be! The award-winning Cuddledry apron towel, made famous following a fantastic performance on Dragons’ Den, is designed to solve this problem and has quickly established itself as one of the ‘must-have’ items for new parents. Read more »

Community Hygiene Concern


Non-profit making voluntary organisation to protect people and pets from parasites and rekindle enthusiasm for community hygiene. Provides help with common UK parasites, particularly lice and nits (Help Line 020 7686 4321), threadworms and scabies (Help Line 020 7686 7600). Produces a family Bug Buster Kit, recommended by the Department of Health, for the detection and treatment of head lice without using pesticides. It is reusable and only one kit per family is required and is available to purchase online.

Sensitive Skincare Co


A range of skincare designed for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin prone to allergies and rashes. Our products contain all natural and organic ingredients. Read more »


Tel: +44 (0) 1600 719 774
Email: amanda@sensitiveskincareco.com
Web: www.sensitiveskincareco.com

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