Coordinated Automated Road Transport - a transport r-evolution?

A new report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) explores how connected vehicles and intelligent systems could change transport and the (r)evolution these changes could bring to people's lives. Read more »

APC launches competition to facilitate funding for the UK’s first automotive battery manufacturing development centre

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has launched a competition to facilitate funding of the UK’s first automotive battery manufacturing development centre, in conjunction with Innovate UK. The funding opportunity is a major step forward in ensuring the UK becomes a global leader in the development and production of electric vehicles (EVs). Read more »

Sitting in traffic jams is officially bad for you

With millions of motorists in the UK set to hit the road for the bank holiday weekend, drivers have been urged to close windows and turn off fans while in traffic jams to avoid breathing in dangerously high levels of air pollution. Latest research from the University of Surrey has shown that simple adjustment to your car’s ventilation system while sitting in traffic jams can greatly affect your exposure to toxic fumes by up to 76%.

Global bicycle ownership has halved in 30 years

It's time for us to get on our bikes if we want cycling to make an impact as a sustainable mode of transport. New research published in the Journal of Transport & Health shows that the proportion of households that own bikes has declined globally, with the average over 148 countries falling by half in the last few decades. Read more »

Car-sharing greens the city: one shared car can replace as many as 13 privately owned vehicles

Sharing your neighbour’s car may be the most climate-friendly way of getting to work. (© Zipcar)

In the green, smart city of the future, we will probably travel quite differently from today. Maybe we'll live right by the train station and cycle to the office on a shared city bike. Or we may check an app on our mobile to see if anyone else is heading in the same direction, so that we can drive together. Read more »

£100m available in collaborative research and development funding for low carbon, low emission vehicles

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), in partnership with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Innovate UK is investing up to £100m in collaborative research and development funding to support the development of low carbon, low emission automotive propulsion technologies.

If you are a business working in this area, the APC is looking for projects to demonstrate technologies that:

  • deliver significant reductions in vehicle CO2 or other emissions compared to current best-in-class technologies;
Read more »

Electric vehicles to measure pollution risk in one of the UK’s largest cities

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Scientists from the University of Leicester will be taking to the streets in electric vehicles (EV’s) fitted with specialised air monitoring sensors, with the intention of measuring the extent of air pollution in city environments.

The Air Quality Group at the University of Leicester has collaborated with Cenex, the UK’s First Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell technologies, who specialise in bringing new low and zero emission vehicle technologies to the UK roads. Read more »

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