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Creating a better world: Some lessons for the next 25 years

28/10/2017 13:00
28/10/2017 17:15

Event Description

Scientists for Global Responsibility's 25th anniversary conference

With the world facing heightened risks of nuclear war, the growing threat of severe climate change, and numerous other major problems, fears are once again growing for our future. Yet a look at evidence from history, science and technology provides lessons for how rapid positive changes could take place in our society. SGR's 25th anniversary conference will draw upon some of the latest research to look at what could be achieved in the not-so-distant future.

Speakers include: Read more »

WIRED Next Generation


Event Description

WIRED Next Generation is a unique educational and inspirational festival dedicated to and designed for youths aged 12-18. The one-day event will showcase the future and explain how young people can influence it.

Inspire the next generation of scientists, strategists and entrepreneurs by taking them to WIRED Next Generation, a unique educational and interactive festival dedicated to, and designed for, youths aged 12-18. Read more »

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