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Defra launches consultation to help beekeepers protect their hives from pests & diseases

New plans to help beekeepers protect their hives from pests and diseases to reduce bee population losses have been unveiled by Defra and the Welsh Government. The proposals will help beekeepers identify and manage pests such as the potentially devastating Varroa mite, considered the single greatest problem for beekeepers. Read more »

As much as 50% of all food produced globally goes to waste

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50% of all food produced globally ends wasted

A new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has found that as much as 50% of all food produced around the world never reaches a human stomach due to issues as varied as inadequate infrastructure and storage facilities through to overly strict sell-by dates, buy-one-get-one free offers and consumers demanding cosmetically perfect food. Read more »

New report identifies almost 870 million people globally as chronically undernourished

Nearly 870 million people, or one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012, according to the new UN hunger report released today. Read more »

New Government publication helps to plant the seeds for community-grown food

New, simple 'how to' advice to inspire communities to spot a plot of disused green spaces in their local area to use for food growing has been published by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. Read more »

The Last Fishermen: catching local & eating local will help preserve our oceans and fish

This is a beautiful film from Greenpeace UK - worth watching in its own right. But it also carries a powerful message: we need to support our small-scale fishermen in the UK. Read more »

Plant a kiss on FoE & help create 60 bee-friendly space

Friends of the Earth is asking the public to plant a kiss on its website and thereby help in the drive to create 60 new green spaces in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Read more »

Mars Chocolate to purchase nearly 90,000 tonnes of certified cocoa this year

Mars Chocolate, one of the world's leading chocolate manufacturers, has announced that it has made progress towards fulfilling its 2009 pledge to purchase its entire cocoa supply from certified sustainable sources by 2020. Read more »

No sustainable development without hunger eradication, says FAO report ahead of Rio+20 Summit

Sustainable development cannot be realised unless hunger and malnutrition are eradicated, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said in a policy document prepared for the Rio+20 Summit to be held in June in Rio de Janeiro. Read more »

FoE report shows why we need a National Action Plan to save British bees

Friend of the Earth has published new research into the decline of bees in England. The project, carried out the University of Reading, shows that the use of pesticides increased by 6.5% between 2005 and 2010. Pesticides are a factor in the recent decline in British bee populations. Read more »

US consumer-driven organic market surpasses $31 billion in 2011

Organic food sales now represent 4.2 percent of all US food sales, up from 4 percent in 2010

The Organic Trade Association's 2012 Organic Industry Survey of the US market shows continued growth. Read more »

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