The Green Guide on Twitter

Twitter has turned out to be a great tool for researching new listings and green ideas - and for keeping up with breaking news.

We also use it to post interesting, and sometimes overlooked, news, studies and academic research from around the World. We retweet in support of green companies, generally the smaller ones which are just getting started.

We also use Twitter to let our readers know about events and cool new listings, news stories, newly posted jobs & volunteering opportunities, and our progress on research and publishing.

We can't follow back everyone who follows us (so please don't feel insulted or neglected if we don't, it's not personal) - the twitter stream can get so dense on some days that it's impossible to catch everything we should.

We do maintain extensive lists which you are welcome to follow too.

Currently, the Green Guide shares a feed with the Green Guide for London.

Get in touch and tell us what you want us to cover! We'd also like to hear from people who want to help with our social media - including tweeting and keeping Facebook up to date.

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