Monthly Archive: February 2019

Lab-grown meat might be worse for the climate than farting cows

Scientists and companies working to grow meat from animal cells will need to minimise energy use and avoid fossil fuels if claims that cultured meat is better for the climate than real meat are to hold true, researchers said.

Cultured meat production with high energy inputs could spur global warming more in the long-term than some types of beef cattle farming if the world shunned a low-carbon path, said a study published on 19th February by the UK-based Oxford Martin School.

Burning crop residues is a major contributor to air pollution in South Asia

Urban emissions of black carbon from fossil fuel combustion are not always the main contributor to severe air pollution in south Asian megacities like New Delhi, shows a new study by researchers from Stockholm University and the Indian Institute for Tropical Meteorology, published in the journal Nature Sustainability.

London’s RAW WINE fair celebrates sustainable wine producers

This year’s RAW WINE fair (10th-11th March) in London will be celebrating the importance of sustainability by bringing together natural, organic and biodynamic wine producers who are all about minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar. Promoting biodiversity and respecting life above ground and in the soil ensures vines are able to absorb key nutrients and increases the quality of the final wines.