Green Guide for London

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The seventh edition of the Green Guide for London will be published in 2020.

The new edition of the Green Guide for London is about creating the kind of city we want to live in: the parks, the architecture, the shops, the restaurants, the jobs, the transport. It’s about a liveable, sustainable city. A healthy city that allows us to move and breath, to express ourselves and to create happy communities.At 784 pages printed in full colour and on FSC-certified paper in the UK, the seventh edition of the Green Guide for London will be the biggest and most comprehensive Green Guide to date. The directory contains more than 5,000 entries covering the whole gamut of sustainable urban living. And there are over 180 pages of editorial, including essays from some of London’s leading eco-thinkers and writers alongside 120 case studies, profiles, and reports on the projects that are turning the city green.

We’ve spent more than three years researching the people, organisations and companies working hard to create businesses and communities dedicated to a planet-friendly way of life. Whether it be a restaurant sourcing local, seasonal food, an architect designing a low-carbon house, a consultant advising on CSR and sustainability, or a theatre cutting waste and saving energy, you’ll find them and their story alongside much, much more.

The Green Guide for London will be published in two formats: a softback priced £17.99 and a hardback with a dust cover priced £30.00.

But why a near 800-page book? In a time of 140 characters, instant reaction and the all pervasive nature of ego journalism, there is still a place for considered, curated content that places people and ideas at its heart. A book where issues can be explored in-depth, a directory that allows you to follow a thought-process through to an unexpected destination. Green London is vast, sprawling and complex, but it’s also exciting, fast-developing and driven by passion. We can’t hope to cover everything in a single book, but we do aim to capture the spirit and relentless optimism of our greening capital.

The Green Guides are for the millions of people – consumers and those in business and education – who are seeking out sustainable, greener and more ethical choices in their everyday lives; from food to fashion, from home to office, and from travel to leisure. These people want a way of life and work that is healthier, more natural, better and fairer. The Green Guide covers it all and offers an option for just about anything at home, at play and at work.

With over 5,000 listings, the Directory covers:

  • food & drink
  • fashion & beauty
  • home, building & garden
  • energy, recycling & sharing
  • health & wellbeing
  • kids, family & community
  • transport
  • travel, leisure & things to do
  • sustainability, business & finance
  • politics, conservation & campaigning
  • media & arts
  • education & careers