London’s RAW WINE fair celebrates sustainable wine producers

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This year’s RAW WINE fair in London will be celebrating the importance of sustainability by bringing together natural, organic and biodynamic wine producers who are all about minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar. Promoting biodiversity and respecting life above ground and in the soil ensures vines are able to absorb key nutrients and increases the quality of the final wines.

Grapes now receive a higher dose of synthetic pesticides than almost any other major crop. Levels are growing rapidly and their use has increased 26-fold over the past 50 years resulting in extensive damage to the soil, robbing it of nutrients and insect life and causing an imbalance in environmental diversity. It is more important than ever to acknowledge the work being done to mitigate this.

RAW WINE is all about promoting the farmers that minimise this loss, those that attempt to reverse it and who should be supported and celebrated. Clean farming is not only essential for the subsistence and integrity of the soil, but it is fundamental for quality. Great wine can only come from a great ecosystem. Over time, degradation of the ecosystem means degradation of the wine in our glass.

All 150+ suppliers at the fair grow their vines organically or biodynamically. Harvested by hand and made without excessive processing and additives. Many have been doing so for an extremely long time – Château le Puy, for example, has been organic for 400 years. Some growers at the fair use permaculture practices to achieve even more sustainable agriculture and all farm in a way that enriches the environment for all who rely on it and offering a practical way out of this current, destructive cycle.

Well farmed, low-intervention wines from small producers also contain fewer chemicals, which are better for us and for the environment. By buying low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wine we’re helping to protect the planet. As founder Isabelle Legeron MW puts it, “Join us and help change the world one bottle at a time.”

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RAW WINE Fair is the highlight of #rawwineweek, 6th-13th March. This year’s fair is the biggest yet, with over 150 specially selected growers showcasing their wines to trade and consumers for tailored tasting.

Opening hours:
Sunday 10th March (10am to 6pm) and Monday 11th March (10 am to 6 pm)

The Store, 180 The Strand, London WC2R 1EA

Entry Prices (all tastings free once inside):
1-day access: £45
2-day access: £75 (online only)

1-day access: £15
2-day access: £30 (online only)

Tickets available from