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Discovering lost skills at the School of Artisan Food

Hidden away in the ancient Sherwood Forest on The Welbeck Estate, the ancestral seat of the Dukes of Portland, is the rather unique School of Artisan Food. The Estate has a fascinating history, but it is its reinvention through The Welbeck Project, of which the School is a part, which will see it prosper and thrive for future generations.

Foraging recipes: wild miso

Wild miso soup is a warming, nourishing bowlful, speaking of winter but spreading rumours of the spring to come. Use whatever wild greens you can find (be 100% sure of identity) in the proportions that please your palate

Foraging recipes: wild mushroom soup

Mushroom season is a fickle mistress. There are, of course, some edible fungi growing throughout the year – St.George’s in spring, velvet shanks in the depths of winter – but autumn is the main event, when the majority, and the finest, of culinary mushrooms pop up through the cooling earth.

Reaching beyond the usual customer for local food.

Short food supply chains: setting another place at the table

Ever more citizens are opting for short food supply network to get fresh local produce. They bypass supermarkets and support sustainable agriculture. However, this is often the prerogative of an educated and activist population. The challenge is to involve more disadvantaged people.