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How the Green Guide works

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How the Green Guide works


Themes and Categories

The Green Guide is organised according to twelve themes covering the whole range of modern living. These follow a logical progression beginning with the basic individual requirements of food, clothing, shelter, energy and wellbeing and then move into the collective activities of sharing, family, travel, leisure, business and politics. Finally the Green Guide looks at the media, education and employment.

The twelve themes (or chapters in the printed directories) are listed below with links to a content index for each. Each theme is broken down into categories which are further divided into sub-categories where appropriate. Not all categories have sub-categories, but most do. There are currently more than 1,950 categories and sub-categories across the twelve themes.

The Directory (including online databases) and the listings published in each printed edition of the Green Guide – regional editions, Pocket Green Guides, special editions, etc – follow these themes.

Each theme contains a section or sections (depending upon the organisational complexity of the theme) specifically on advice and organisations. Generally these contain listings of non-commercial organisations and are useful if you want advice or information in more detail.

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