Notes on adding an entry to the Green Guide’s Directory

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Notes on adding an entry to the Green Guide’s Directory


Standard listings and events are always included free of charge; you will NOT be asked to make a payment upon completion of the submission process.

There is a fee for upgraded listings and you will be asked to make a payment at the end of the submission process, prior to publication.

Please select which type of free or upgraded listing you would like to add before starting the submission process – Standard Free Listing (£0), Standard Event (£0), Social Listing (£60 per annum), Premium Listing (£120 per annum), Premium Monthly Listing (£14 per month, recurring), Partnership Listing (£450 per annum) or Academic Course (£175).

See here for details of upgraded entries and the extra information allowed with each.


Some things to consider when adding your listing:
  • Provide all your contact details – the point of the Green Guide is to put readers in touch with you so don’t forget your email and telephone numbers.
  • Choose your Keywords carefully – select the words that most directly capture what you do, but also think laterally… try to think what readers might be looking for from you and how they might describe that.
  • What makes you special? – what do you do or offer that makes you stand out? If there is something – a service, a product, an attitude – then tell people.
  • What gets you going in the morning? – if there is a reason why you do what you do, and you have a particular motivation, then let readers know.
  • Don’t just list what you sell – readers will know roughly what you do from the categories your listing is in. So, give them more than just a menu… but…
  • Tell readers if you sell or offer something unique – if you do, or have, something others don’t, then use the listing rather than a Keyword to say so. If it’s unique a Keyword will be too oblique.
  • Don’t mention saving the world – that’s a given, this is the Green Guide after all.
  • Don’t be smug or holier-than-thou – green is the new black, so that means being cool. Smug is not cool…



All submissions will be moderated by a site editor before being made live. We aim to moderate and publish within 48 hours of submission.


Changes and Updates

You can make changes and updates to your listing at any point. Just sign in to the dashboard on the Green Guide Directory Homepage and edit your entry. All changes will be moderated by a site editor before being made live.


Upgrade your Listing

Just sign in to the dashboard on the Green Guide Directory Homepage and upgrade your entry. You will need to fill in new fields and add additional images, video links and PDFs as required. All upgrades will be moderated by a site editor before being made live.



To verify that your entry is genuine, we require a contact name, email address and telephone number for each submitted listing. This information is for our internal use only; it will not be published or shared. We carry out our own checks on the information supplied, but may sometimes get in touch with you to verify details.


Your Information

Please provide as much information as possible, especially with the description, opening times, transport options and certification & membership. Some fields require an entry; others you may leave blank. The more info you provide, the better your entry will be; the better your entry, the better the response to your listing.


Email Address

We offer two kinds of email link, a displayed email address and a hidden address which the user can click on to send you a message via this site’s form. Please add one or both as you require. In our experience, users prefer to see an email address, or at least an email contact form, with a listing.


Physical Address

As this a map-based directory, it is not currently possible to remove the physical address from the listing form. We can, however, reduce the amount of detail in a published address. For example, if you work from home and don’t want your house number, street or postcode made public. Please drop us an email to make sure we get this right for you.

We also require a physical address at the time of submission to verify you are who you say you are.

You may also request that any or all of your address and telephone number should be excluded from print publications. Email us to do so.


Inclusion Criteria

Check our Inclusion Criteria and our Terms & Conditions.


Contact Us

Please contact us via if your entry/change/upgrade requires immediate attention – or if you have any queries or need help with your entry.


And finally…

If you miss something out, want to change what you wrote, or have a Homer Simpson moment and need to start again on a new listing, then just let us know. We will help and make your listing right.

Email us at